Martin Wendel

Martin Wendel

Unix and Storage Consultant

Martin is a consultant with extensive IT background. Proven ability to operate large and long-running projects (+10 years) through several system generations, with growing complexity and increasing capacity requirements. More than 15 years of experience in taking full responsibility for the planning, design, implementation, commissioning and operation of a number of critical projects keeping security and stability at the forefront.


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Phone : +46 (0) 763 - 976260

Address : Box 130, 635 30 Kvicksund



15+ years of experience as specialist in AIX/UNIX/Linux, TSM Backup, storage (SAN), virtualization (SVC PowerVM) and large-scale internet services including email hosting (SMTP, IMAP, POP).

Current Emplyment

2019 - Present: Employed by the Swedish Armed Forces - TSM, SVC, SAN, PowerVM, AIX

Wendel Media AB - Business Owner

2012 - Present: Various Web Projects including Ecommerce

2016 - 2019: IT Consultant at the Swedish Armed Forces - TSM, SVC, SAN, PowerVM, AIX

Uppsala University - SysOp and System responsible

1989 - 2010

Responsible for developing and managing the central email systems (MTA and mailstore) for 30k+ users. 3 system generations over more than 10 years, from monolithic to distributed clustered solutions.
Responsible for installing and managing the central backup system (Multiple backup servers with IBM TSM software and two IBM TS3500 tape libraries) with 400+ clients including all critical systems.